This is what Ford's doing for Mustang's 50th anniversary


Ford is building a limited-edition Mustang GT to honor the pony car's 50th anniversary.The company will only build 1,964 special cars, honoring the year the Mustang first went on sale.The 50 Year Limited Edition will come in one of the two colors of Ford's logo: white or blue. Buyers can choose a manual or automatic transmission.There are ... Read More→

Cherokee Limited 4×4 : Up to date, but not quite up to speed


The Jeep Cherokee, absent from the U.S. auto market since 2001, is back. But it is a more luxurious, fuel-efficient version of its former self. You can boo, or celebrate the changes.If you are a devotee of the original Cherokee, introduced in 1974 as a sportier version of the truck-based Jeep Wagoneer, you might boo. That is especially ... Read More→

Last Corvette retrieved from sinkhole at Kentucky museum


The mangled remains of a powerful Corvette — barely recognizable to its former owner — were pulled from the depths of a sinkhole at a Kentucky museum Wednesday, completing weeks of painstaking work to retrieve eight classic cars that were gobbled up by the gaping hole.The 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette was buried in dirt and rocks, deep ... Read More→

Toyota, GM recalls push US to near-record pace


Big U.S. recalls by General Motors and Toyota have put the auto industry on a record pace as companies try to avoid bad publicity and punishment from an increasingly aggressive government.On Wednesday, Toyota announced it was recalling nearly 1.8 million vehicles in the U.S. to fix a spate of problems, including air bags that might not ... Read More→

Toyota recalls about 6.4 million vehicles globally

Japan Toyota

TOKYO — Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 6.39 million vehicles globally for a variety of problems spanning nearly 30 models in Japan, the U.S., Europe and other places.No injuries or crashes have been reported related to the recalls announced Wednesday. But two reports of fires are linked to one of the problems, a defective engine starter t ... Read More→

Mercedes boosts horsepower of entry-level roadster

Mercedes-Benz SL 400 (R 231), 2014

Mercedes has unveiled the SL 400, the new model designed to replace the SL 350 in the brand's line-up. The entry-level roadster, which will have 27 hp more power than its predecessor, will be available in Germany starting at $133,676.The Mercedes SL 400 is equipped with a twin turbo V6 engine with 333 hp, compared to 306 hp on the SL 350. ... Read More→

Microsoft preps Windows Phone apps for car dashboards


The battle for the technological car dashboard of the future is about to heat up. Following demos from Android and from Apple, Microsoft is also developing a platform -- Windows in the Car -- that will put the company's smartphones, content and apps front and center of the driving experience. But hopefully in a way that isn't too ... Read More→

Priced out of Porsches, Range Rovers? Try these instead.


One imagines that the people behind WhatsApp, the messaging service bought by Facebook for $19 billion, are doing some new-car shopping. A payday like that promises major automotive upgrades. Throw out the Saturn and bring on the flashy Ferraris.Those of us with no Silicon Valley deal in the works may have to set our sights lower. But ... Read More→

Designing the Volkswagen Jetta SEL for a trusted market


It was conceived in Germany. The United States and Canada contributed 11 percent of its parts. Mexico gave 40 percent — including its turbocharged 1.8-liter in-line four-cylinder gasoline engine.Japan sent the six-speed automatic transmission, which also can be operated manually. The whole thing subsequently was assembled in Puebla, M ... Read More→

Tesla to appeal changed New Jersey car regulations

Tesla Fire

Electric-car company Tesla Motors has filed notice it intends to go to court to appeal New Jersey's ruling that would stop it from selling its vehicles in the state within two weeks.The notice, filed last week to the state appellate division, seeks to overturn regulations imposed by the state Motor Vehicle Commission that require new-car ... Read More→